Phoenix Pending Forecloseures Are Way, Way, Way Down

Here is a rather dramatic chart that remindes me how far the real estate market has come in the past few years. This chart only goes back to December of 2012. The situation was much worse in 2009 and 2010. This chart shows foreclosures are about 1/3 what they were just 2 years ago. In […]

2015 Freddie Mac Housing Outlook

Freddie Mac produces a monthly video on the outlook of the housing and mortgage market. This is the Freddie Mac Chief Economist with his outlook.  

Ahwatukee Update Third Quarter 2014

Ahwatukee Housing Stats By Zip Code Zip Code           Median Sales Price                 Days on Market                   Closed Sales 85044                $235,000 ↑ 6.8%                   […]

What’s Khan Academy?

This post has nothing to do with real estate but you might find it interesting.   I was poking around on the internet recently and ran across Khan Academy ( ) This is a fascinating website. It was started by one guy, MIT educated Sal Kahn, long distance tutoring his cousin in math. It […]

Managing Your Rental Property, 5 Critical Things You Need To Know

Managing rental property on your own can be a chore… But, if you’re going to do it, these 5 pieces of advice might just make your life easier and keep you out of trouble with the law. Not sure what I mean? Then watch the video to learn more.

Online Business Directory

If you need to hire someone you know you can trust, consider calling someone listed in my business directory. These are people I know will take care of you and they know what they are doing.

I Wish It Was All About Me — But It’s Not

You’re not looking for a web sit about a Realtor are you. Of course not. You’re looking for real estate information. Look, I love myself, have a big ego, and want to tell you what a great Realtor I am just like all the other Realtors out there. But that’s not what you are here […]