What’s Khan Academy?


This post has nothing to do with real estate but you might find it interesting.   I was poking around on the internet recently and ran across Khan Academy ( www.Khanacademy.org ) This is a fascinating website. It was started by one guy, MIT educated Sal Kahn, long distance tutoring his cousin in math. It […]

7 Easy Steps To Create A Budget

7 Easy Steps To Create A Budget You Can Live With First let’s not call it a budget. That sounds too much like something you are going to do temporarily. (Like a diet) Instead think of it as a spending plan. A plan is something that is sustainable. Something you can do for a long […]

I Wish It Was All About Me — But It’s Not

You’re not looking for a web sit about a Realtor are you. Of course not. You’re looking for real estate information. Look, I love myself, have a big ego, and want to tell you what a great Realtor I am just like all the other Realtors out there. But that’s not what you are here […]