I Wish It Was All About Me — But It’s Not

You’re not looking for a web sit about a Realtor are you. Of course not. You’re looking for real estate information.

Look, I love myself, have a big ego, and want to tell you what a great Realtor I am just like all the other Realtors out there. But that’s not what you are here for so let’s focus on your needs.

You will find a blog about real estate and other stuff as I work up enough energy to write it. I do videos. Some for fun, and some with serious information. Either way I try to make them enjoyable to watch.

We have all turned into dogs watching TV so you’ll find lots of pictures.

“Mongo like pictures”.

At some point maybe you will decide I might me the guy to help you when you need to buy, sell, or have your property managed. When that happens call me and I’ll do all I can to point you in the right direction to get you what you need. Everything else will take care of itself.



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